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need to cover 4 items. i have not seen the proposed amendments. are they available to the public? from the discussion that you just had on the proposed rule, 3.6.1, this draft agenda shared with all committee members that makes it a public record and subject to disclosure upon request. i don't know that changes your thinking about the role. right now it is as much a problem for members of the public what may be an agenda as well as for other members of the board. of the members of the public don't get agendas until friday afternoon for the following week. if you don't know what is coming up at land-use, or rules, or budget, you don't know. i appreciate the discussion on rule 3.3.5
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the board's rules are complicated and trying to understand the relationship between 3.3.5 and 3.3.2 is important. i appreciate the discussion you had about that. those comments on proposed rule 4.1.9 and i believe you spoke to that at the last hearing, if you could turn to that, that is the order of presentations before the board. i would like to see the order change to the person supporting the appellant, second bullet would become the fourth bullet and that they would have the opportunity to speak after the agency representative and the leader of the opposition granting the appeals of the members of the public might be informed as to their testimony by the agency presentation and the leader of the opposition as it were. i think that is a change that
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you can make today. >> supervisor kim: you had one more point? >> yes. i have reviewed the rules extensively; i was not prepared to share this with you today. i have been with conversation with angela and kay. i hope that the next time there is a rule revision there are substantive changes. the language is archaic. there are a few inconsistencies. when you look at the city and schools district committee prior to march 1, 2013, will have another opportunity to take serious times in the rules. i may be the only one but i think the rules of the board actually matter. >> supervisor kim: appreciate your being here. always. maybe the city attorney john
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gibner, if you could respond to the first question. if it is shared with all three members, is it a public record that could be open for discussion? >> i am not sure that that is the answer, or what the status is between the clerk's office and the individuals. >> i don't know what the answer is. if this is a public document i would imagine that the draft going back and forth between the committee and the clerk would be a public document and perhaps the draft agenda sitting on an aide's desk to be a public document. i do know that this would change this. it either is or not. >> i can't think of any reason
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why those documents are not public. i can't think of any off the top of my head. >> supervisor kim: thank you. any other comments? we had a motion to amend, 3.6.1, already read into the record, allows the committee member to request that a committee chaired share a draft agenda at least seven days in advance of the committee meeting. we can take that motion to amend without opposition. (gavel). motion to move this item forward. >> so moved. with recommendations. >> supervisor kim: we can do that again without opposition. (gavel) >> i want to commend the clerk of the board for your covering this and bring in your language to our rules and i look forward to january 8 we can begin implement them. thanks.
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>> supervisor kim: ditto. i appreciate the legislative aide engaged in this process as well. at this time may i entertain a motion before that, is there any public comment on item 7? >> on item 7, david -- i have reviewed the proposed settlement agreement among other things. i am now the chair of the water subcommittee of the pucac, we had a few presentations back. it settles the matter between the city and the club to the extent that it allows for and contemplate environmental remediation of the area that the club has been using now and in the future. c
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that is to the good. it appears to settle the legal issues that i am more concerned about environmental remediation i'm hoping that you will discuss in close session how those provisions work in the access to the club's liability coverage. this appears to be a fair settlement between the parties. with appreciation to -- [indiscernible] and others who worked heavily on this. thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you mr. topel [sounds like]. >> my name is steve morton, involved with [indiscernible] for 12-14 years, it seems like a lifetime. it seemed significant progress, the ability to free up 12-14 acres in the city for broad
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forms of recreation and habitat restoration. we haven't had access to the property for generations now. the puc does have a watershed report that they commissioned with broad public comment. i would like to have the supervisors ask mr. richie whether they concur with the operation to bring forward a stakeholders in this project's report, which has been broadly reviewed in the community, and apply under the tutelage of the puc the 2 million dollars in the recently adopted bond. i think it is appropriate that the puc as the land owner be the lead agency for the
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expenditure of that money on the recreation programs and habitat programs that could be, that are in the puc's report. they are the active operators. the recreation department has been largely absent for decades. so, i think is a puc is the owner, the rightful group, they should be responsible to apply the 2 million dollars. >> supervisor kim: the public comment is closed. i like to entertain a motion to convene to close session. i would like to ask the
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members of the public to exit the room. (closed session).
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>> we have that motion that we can do that without opposition. madam clerk, do we have any other announcement? seeing none. the meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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>> >> >> (end of meeting)
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>> i want to acknowledge supervisor jane kim, and this arena that is constructed on and working with the community and making sure that all concerns are heard. we are about to make sure that every concern is heard. and we spend the quality time that it takes for the environmental aspects of this great project to be forth.
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